Lee Pesky Learning Center knows that every child does not learn the same way, nor is learning limited to the classroom. That’s why we create tools— Lee Pesky Learning Center Innovations— to help educators, parents, and care providers create meaningful learning experiences.

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Go Pre-K! App & Cards

Go Pre-K is a tool for preschool teachers featuring literacy and math activities for children ages 3-5. For preschool teachers managing a busy classroom, Go Pre-K provides them with great tools that engage young learners in fun, short activities that cultivate learning.

Go Parents! App

Go Parents! provides parents with on-the-go access to early literacy and math activities rooted in fun and play. Whether waiting in line at the grocery store, getting dressed for the day, or taking a walk outside, these activities can be incorporated easily into your daily routine. Available in English and Spanish.

Every Child Ready to Learn!

Getting your child ready for kindergarten? Every Child Ready to Learn is an activity suite that includes exercises for parents and early childhood educators that foster strong literacy and math skills in young learners (0-5 years). Available in English and Spanish.

Every Child Ready for Math!

A free online, self guided course to support early numeracy instruction for early childhood educators. Available in English and Spanish.

Math Story Mats

Math Story Mats are an excellent resource for visual learners. They include interactive scenes and activities that make learning foundational math and language skills fun and meaningful through storytelling and games. For kindergarten and first grade students, an instructional activity guide is available that aligns with every Common Core Kindergarten Math Standard. Math Story Mats are also a wonderful activity for preschool aged learners.

Memory Train

Have you ever wondered how memory helps you learn? Memory Train describes a foundational piece of learning—memory—and the science behind how we retain information using the analogy of a train.